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** Expert PC Service & Repair **

Please send comments & questions to:
or call:  941 . 268 . 0845


Used Laptops for Sale

Dell, Toshiba, IBM

starting at $OUT !

Re-Furb HP Business PCs $150 !

call or email for current list


Service Rates ...

1st hour -- $ 45

2nd -- $ 25

** HP Certified **


Internet Tips:
Use "Reload"
You may be surprised how often this works!  If a web page seems to be loading very slowly or is stalled, try this, Click on the "Stop" button
and then click on the "Reload" or "Refresh" button.
More often than not, the offending page will load faster than if you
had waited. Try it !

Netscape Navigator or Communicator (all versions)
To store a bookmark for a web site, select Bookmarks from the menu,
then select Add Bookmark.
The keyboard shortcut is Control D, hold down the Ctrl button and press the letter D.
note: for Internet Explorer use "Favorites" instead of Bookmark.


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