In 1992, while living in North Carolina, I began doing research on "Earth Changes". Six years ago hardly anyone was interested or had even heard the phase. So much has changed since then, tonite on TV, the Weather Channel has it's nightly "El Nino" report, the Discovery Channel talks about disappearing ocean life and last year's temperature extremes, and the local news is full of the latest "record breaking" events, heat, cold and especially wet.

About four years ago I began using my PC and modem to help find useful info, the Internet was still a infant and the general public hadn't learned the term yet. I used both CompuServe and AOL (at 2400 baud!) to look for reports and events. The weeks before the SL9 collision with Jupiter I waited, the people around me more concerned with the latest on the O.J. trial, totally unaware of the coming impact of a comet into a planet in our solar system. In 1994 I told my friends I thought 1997 would be the start of what I began to refer to as "millennium fever", it appears I got that one right.

Today, there is so much information available I spent a great deal of time weeding out the garbage to find the real news events, but still the huddled masses seem to have only the vaguest idea of what is going on. Several months before the "experts" commented on the low number of Atlantic storms to hit the U.S. - I said on our radio program, we would most likely have fewer storms and hurricanes this season because of the shift in the weather patterns, looks like I got another one.

If only a faction of the predictions comes to pass, the next few years will be full of surprises, we will continue to hear "... record heat wave... record cold... record flooding..." etc.etc. But what if this is only the beginning ? What if Cayce, Nostradamus, the Hopi and/or many others are correct? What if the "Millennium Bug" is as bad as some suggest? Do yourself a favor and spend some time to research these ideas, maybe even spend a little time preparing, like the old saying goes ... an ounce of prevention....

As for me, I will continue to watch and learn, for a short while anyway, and if the ice caps melt or the UFOs land or planet X is sighted, the time I've spent researching all this may not matter, but at least I won't be too surprised or shocked, I may even point and say yep, got that one too...

Dan R Goodnight

January 1998

Thanks to the folks who were curious.