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by popular demand - Clean, Tested - Laptops
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Gateway Solo 9100 - Pentium 366, 128m RAM, 10g HD, DVD/CD & LS120/3.5,
TV-In/Out, 2 USB, Great Battery, Windows 98se, MS-Office, Norton, More  ... $ 450 !!

Gateway Solo 2150 Pentium 500, 64m RAM(upgradable), 6g HD, USB,
56k Modem, CD & 3.5. Windows 98se. Includes Owners Manuals and Restore CDs! ... $ 450

IBM ThinkPad 390 - Pentium 300, 160m RAM, 4g HD, 56k Modem, USB, CD & 3.5,
Windows 2000 Pro, MS-Office, Norton AV, Excellent Battery ... $ 350 !!

Gateway Solo 2500 - Pentium 300, 160m RAM, 5.4g HD, CD & 3.5,
TV-Out, 2 USB, Super Battery, Windows XP Home, MS-Office, Norton AV ... $ 350 !!

IBM ThinkPad 390 - Pentium 233, 96m RAM, CD & 3.5, USB, Win98se & more
1 broken hinge but screen is bright & clear ... only $ 250 !!

755cd - Pentium 100, 16m RAM, running Win95, has CD-rom and 3.5", 33.6 modem
includes AC adapter, Case and Screen are *perfect*, an Oldie but Goodie!
just $100 for it.

Micron TransPort - Pentium 233, 48m RAM, Windows ME, CD, USB, Norton, Office
perfect condition! Bright Display & Good Battery! AC adapter ... $ 300

Modem or NIC PC-Card .... ($ 25 w/ Laptop) ... $ 30
ThinkPad AC Adapters .... $ 20
32meg RAM chips for IBM, Compaq etc. .... $ 20

Service Rates ...
Normal 'Sliding' scale that 20 years in the PC business has taught me :
~ Clone (no name) PCs ........... $25 hour
~ Brand Name (HP,Compaq,etc).. $35 hour
if you're a repeat customer subtract $5
If 'someone who knows a little about computers' has worked on it ADD $10
~ Back to School Special - ALL Service $20 per Hour ~

NEW Systems for Sale ...

Used Systems for Sale ...

HP mini-tower w/ DVD player
650mHz CPU, 192 megs RAM, 6.4g HD, SoundBlaster, Network & Modem cards
Windows XP Home & PowerDVD ... $ 200

AMD 'EasyNow' mini
this one is hard to describe, I bought 2 years ago for my 10yo, its in *Perfect*
condition, has driver CD and manual. K6-550 cpu, 256m RAM, 6.4g HD, lots of USB ports,
KB&mouse. speakers ... $250 (cheap!)
! sometimes used as my Game Server !

Packard Bell mid-tower
Intel Pentium 233, 64m RAM, CD-ROM, Sound, Modem,
running Windows 98SE... $ 120

USB Flash Disk - USB Mini Removable Drive
256 meg Storage, switchable write-protect, Bootable!
Brand New - $70!

15" Monitor ... $30!
17" Monitor ... $45!

more PCs and LAPTOPS on the way.

Internet Tips:
Use "Reload"
You may be surprised how often this works! If a web page seems to be loading very slowly or is stalled, try this, Click on the "Stop" button and then click on the "Reload" or "Refresh" button.
More often than not, the offending page will load faster than if you had waited. Try it !
Netscape Navigator or Communicator (all versions)
To store a bookmark for a web site, select Bookmarks from the menu,
then select Add Bookmark.
The keyboard shortcut is Control D, hold down the Ctrl button and press the letter D.
note: for Internet Explorer use "Favorites" instead of Bookmark.

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